Welcome to TWINE's [Informative/Stunning/Self-Flattering] New Blog!

Hello Future TWINERS.  If you're visiting this blog, it's likely because you are an emphatic teenage ink-slinger living somewhere in the Inland Empire. The purpose of this blog will be threefold: to inform you of upcoming workshops; to showcase the writing produced during said workshops; and to share local and national opportunities for publishing your work individually.

Just imagine: one day your very own writing might appear right here for all to peruse and admire -- only, of course, if you participate in one of TWINE's workshops.

I can hear you cracking your knuckles and sharpening your pencils.  When, you ask, are these wondrous workshops taking place?

Excellent question!  Please note the handy dandy schedule to my upper right.  Okay, to your right.  My left.  Whatever.

Hope to see you at the Spokane Valley Library, or the Moran Prairie Library, or both!  And we'll be meeting monthly after these dates, so keep revisiting the blog for more information.