"Witch Life" by Karolyn Wambold

I was born a witch
I was found out and got burned
Now I'm reborn a human

--haiku inspired by witches

"The Loud Ghost" by Marianna Fischer

I am a loud ghost
My footsteps don't make a single sound
But when I eat...slurp!

--haiku inspired by ghosts

"Gawd! I'm not a pony!" by Jacquelynn Womrer

The girls squeak at me:
Horsey!  Horsey!  And try to saddle me.
Look!  I'm NOT a HORSE!

--haiku inspired by centaurs

"A Fiery Disappointment" by Ty

Cold food is really gross
so I decided to use my torch.
Instead of deliciousness I got sickness.

--haiku inspired by dragons