It's March!

"Red Fox Pup(s) Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008" by Mike Baird

Hurrah for Spring! This month we're writing about reinvention.
Writing Prompt 1: Write a scene or a story with the following three elements: a fox, a birthday cake, and something new.
Writing Prompt 2: It's your job to reinvent Riverfront Park. What would you keep? What would you add to make it better? (Think big: you have the power to add a sports complex, a wildlife preserve, more rides.... whatever you want.)
These are the prompts we'll be doing in our in-person meeting at Spokane Valley Library on Thursday, Mar. 6, and online anytime. If you're participating from home, set a timer for seven minutes, and write! Email us your writing (twine(dot) and we'll post it here on the blog.