October Meeting Recap

First, a shout out to Luke Neff at the great writing prompts tumblr blog. We pretty much use his awesome visual writing prompts every time. Here's one of our favorites from a few months ago:

Writing prompts are a lifesaver, and here's why: everyone is intimidated by a blank page. Everyone. Whether you're working on a report for school, or updating your fashion blog, or starting the next chapter in your fantasy novel, there's often this moment where you're staring at the page, thinking "what do I say?" Writing prompts give you something to write about, even if the prompt has absolutely nothing to do with what you really sat down to write. And the crazy thing is, they sort of work! While your brain is busy toiling away on the prompt, it's not uncommon for two or three ideas for your real project to pop into your head. They also give you practice in thinking creatively, honing your descriptive writing chops, and they're fun!

Here's what else happened at the meeting...