Awesome Things (inspired by

With selections from TWINE members
Finishing a book - Playing with chicks and puppies - When you remember a cool idea that you forgot -
Making a new friend - Getting a new puppy - Building something really cool in Minecraft - Remembering what book had a certain scene - Finding out your great-something left you a million bucks - Chocolate - Publishing a book - Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate EVERYTHING Cones - Finding a ladybug in your strawberry plants - poking your best friends - Eating popcorn while watching your favorite movie - Saying caterpillar in an English accent - Finding a $10 bill between the seat cushions - Getting a puppy - Owning a red-eyed tree frog - Finding out you're going to have another cousin in December - Playing the paper game - My best friends - Getting the perfect hairdo in the moring - Bugging Trevor - Your best friend calling you to wake you up - An odd colored stitch (string) in a black shirt - Springtime!!!!! - Your baby brother climbing into bed with you in the middle of the night - The perfect shower heat - Seeing somebody you used to be close to but haven't talked to in a long time - Tortellini soup - Candy, coffee, anything with sugar - Prank calling people - Bright neon green hair ties 


There's no other witnesses, just us two.
The man had slipped seemingly out of sign of him remained. It was as if some unseen creature swallowed him whole. Lily clutched my hand as we watched. He had knocked on the door then just disappeared.  My mother said that there were some people like him left, but not enough to be afraid of. Lily, of course, was too young to understand, after all she was only five. She shivered in my grasp, her small hand in mine. I almost laughed at her innocence and incomplete knowledge of the real world. In the real world, you might say, pewople do not dissapear out of thin air. Well I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are sorrowfully mistaken. In the real world there are people who teleport, time travel, read minds and so many other unspoken gifts.  For all you know your best friend could have any one of those gifts.  But this occurance, this was different. Usually when teleportation happens, you can see a swirl of air and the dissolvement of the person's body.  No with this, he just evaporated out of the air. I was forced to believe some unseen presence provoked this circumstance, and I personally do not want me or Lily involved but like usual things 

Something I Remember by Crystal

I remember dogs.
I remember red roses and a garden.
I remember the house and the church.
I remember speaking and laughing and playing.
I remember some people.
Most of all, I remember my family.

Something I Love by Caity H.

I remember when I met my 4 dads.
I remember when we went on vacation and I smelled the beautiful scent of trees.
I remember the beaches and the ocean.
I remember jumping and running and hiding.
I remember the red roses.
Most of all, I remember my friends.

Vampire by Eli Johnson

I remember blood.
I remember death and speed.
I remember the werewolf and the dragon.
I remember drinking and killing and hunting.
I remember pain.
Most of all, I remember you.

The Darkness by Chris

I remember Death.
I remember shadows and devouring.
I remember the light and the angel.
I remember ripping and cutting and tearing.
I remember Death.
Most of all, I remember resurrection.