Barbed Wire Fence, author unknown

If you're the author of this poem, please let us know and we will rightfully attribute it to you!
Barbed wire fences
Guards at defences
I am
caged in
more deaths at the bell
I'm living in hell
I don't even know what
day it is
I scream
I cry
I love
and I lie
but I'm trapped behind this
barbed wire fience
I long for the feel
of freedom and laughter
Green fields
and then after
sleeping in my own bed
But still I'm trapped
It's not long til I snap
But I'm trapped behind this
Barbed wire fence

"Going, Going, Gone" by Rachel
Eaten up by illness,
To be diseased is one thing,
Slowly being consumed
by your demise is another.
I fear the mistakes I made dug my grave
but the price must be paid for my
misapprehension, misconception, miscalculation.
I'm in a state of abnormality,
a state of deadly affliction.
Will I ever escape my aberration?
All I know is-
-Peace, pleace has found me,
lying here, no longer ailed,
no longer pained, but free.