Blind Date, by Jaelyn 11.7.13

This writer branched out from the original prompt (above) and
created a great inner dialogue!

This is going horrible! What should I do? Maybe I should find an excuse to leave, but when? I don't want him to know I'm desperate to leave, but I am! Hmmm, how could I leave without him knowing? Oh! I've got it! First I'll tell him I'm off to the bathroom. The bathroom is right next to the door. Then, I'll make a run for it straight out the door. But wait, what am I going to say to him the next day? It's not like I could just avoid him. OR COULD I? No. I'll need to make an excuse that I left or he'll know something's wrong. Wow. This is hard. Ok, I've got it. I'll tell him I had a horrible stomachache and I just couldn't face him. Yeah, that's the one! Alright, hopefully it works. Here I go!

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