Eavesdropping on TWINE

Erin used this photo and painting (from Girls Standing on Lawns) as the inspiration for her timed-writing piece, "Eavesdropper."

"Alicia is a very quiet girl. If you don't see Alicia, you might not even know she is there. But do not get me wrong, she is very intelligent. She might even have one of the sharper minds in the class. And she is so well dressed! Every day in her little white dress those adorable socks and sweet little brown shoes. However, I'm sorry to say she is just so quiet her class participation is little to none. Has she always been so shy?"
Alicia stared at the large wooden door in front of her, little white dress flapping in the breeze. Slowly she put her hand on the schoolhouse door, wondering if she should go in, wondering if she should tell her parents and Mrs. Hillis she had heard everything.
"No, actually. She can be quite loud at home if she wishes." Her mother's voices was actually surprised. "If she's quiet at school, she must have some sort of reason."
Alicia decided against it. Removing her hand from the door knob, she once again froze in a position as still as a statue.
Sometimes being quiet had its advantages.


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