"Untitled" by Ben Read

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Some people swore that the house was haunted.  I know the truth.  I went in only on a dare from my best friend, Ty.  It was dark, and rain battered the house.  Why did I have to choose this night? I remember thinking as I climbed the creaky staircase, the carpeting rotting away under my feet.  As I came to the top floor, I heard a whimpering.  I was tempted to turn and run, but my curiosity was stronger than my fear.  My hand shook as I reached for the doorknob and turned it.  I entered the room and noticed a dark shape quivering in the corner.  As I approached, I saw the outine of a cat, curled up fast asleep.  I took another step forward and the floorboards groaned beneath my weight.  The cat jumped to its feet and in the moonlight, I saw the creature was little more than skin and bones.  Something drew me to him, maybe it was the haunting look he gave me, a look of sorrow and hopelessness.  I put my hand down, and the cat came to sniff it, but when I tried to stroke him, he ran under the bed.  I made a vow to myself that night to take X into my care.  I came back every day after school, until he let me stroke him and eventually I took him home.

When I returned, Ty greeted me with an expectant, "Well?

"It's haunted," I lied, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

I never told anyone about that night; it didn't seem like something to be told.  Whenever someone asked where I got my cat, I said I found him in the alley.

But I always remembered.  And nothing was ever the same again after that.

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