"Untitled" by Dane Kittock

The costume I chose for Mardi Gras is a very special costume.  Very special indeed.  For to get this costume, I had to travel to the Amazon river in search of the infamous Green Anaconda.  My river guide took me deep into the heart of the jungle before we even spotted one, let alone caught it.  After a couple of hot, humid, sweaty hours of searching, we found it.  The perfect-sized snake, somewhere in between 5 and 6 feet in length.  I was immediately upon it, striking the back of its head with a rock.  I skinned it then and there, and caught the next flight home.

These snakes are so large, you can wrap them around a full-sized man as if he is being swallowed alive.  That is what my costume is.  The head is engulfing mine, its eyes are my eye holes.  Then the rest of the body is coiling around my own.  Ta da.

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  1. Great story Dane, You will be a writer for sure