Awesome Things (inspired by

With selections from TWINE members
Finishing a book - Playing with chicks and puppies - When you remember a cool idea that you forgot -
Making a new friend - Getting a new puppy - Building something really cool in Minecraft - Remembering what book had a certain scene - Finding out your great-something left you a million bucks - Chocolate - Publishing a book - Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate EVERYTHING Cones - Finding a ladybug in your strawberry plants - poking your best friends - Eating popcorn while watching your favorite movie - Saying caterpillar in an English accent - Finding a $10 bill between the seat cushions - Getting a puppy - Owning a red-eyed tree frog - Finding out you're going to have another cousin in December - Playing the paper game - My best friends - Getting the perfect hairdo in the moring - Bugging Trevor - Your best friend calling you to wake you up - An odd colored stitch (string) in a black shirt - Springtime!!!!! - Your baby brother climbing into bed with you in the middle of the night - The perfect shower heat - Seeing somebody you used to be close to but haven't talked to in a long time - Tortellini soup - Candy, coffee, anything with sugar - Prank calling people - Bright neon green hair ties 

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