A Hole in the Wall by Haley

Prompt: Write a story that includes a balloon, smoke, and a keyhole.

"That's our new house" says my dad. "We're finally here." I look up at the old mansion we will now be living in, with it's assortment of vining plants growing up the sides, brown lawns, dead trees, cracked paint, and broken windows.  "Yup, this certainly feels like home" I say, "I'm so glad I left all my friends in Washington to move here." "Now sweetie, I know you don't like but we had to move here for your dad's work. So you're just going to have to get used to this old place" says my mom. "Old is right" I reply, and with that I pick up a box and head for the door. I notice a deflated green balloon hanging from some bushes, why did we have to move to this dump? I head up to my room, put the box down and look around. It's a really big room with two chandeliers hanging at least twenty feet above my head, and a walk in closet as big as my old room. Then I see something so out of place I jump sky high. It's a little trail of smoke coming out of a tiny hole in the wall. No, not a hole, a keyhole. Then I see the outline of a door. Why is there smoke coming out of a keyhole? Why is there a door in my closet? I hear a small pop,the scuffling of many pairs of feet, then the smoke is gone. I look into the keyhole and am met with the strangest sight I have ever seen in a closet. There are what I can only describe as faeries but really they aren't because they are my height and taller. Not only that but there are several other creatures I don't have a name for and a forest as far as the eye can see. I lean forward and...the door falls open and I am dumped into a pond.
To be continued...

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