Must include: the first day of school, a love note, and a recipe with a big mistake. by Haley

It's the first day of school. I finally made it through middles school, now I just got to get through high school.  I head to my locker, as I am walking over I notice a few people staring at me, I wonder what they are looking at.  I check behind me, there's nobody there, so I look down at my shirt; maybe I have a stain or something, nope nothing there either. Then I look back up and I see him, my crush from middle school.  But that doesn't make any sense because he was supposed to be going o a different school.  Oh well, no time to think about that now, class is starting in 5 minutes.I hurry to my locker and open it, a little note comes fluttering to he ground from inside my locker.  I pick it up, it's a love note. It reads "Hi, I liked you last year but I was afraid to say anything.  I hope you don't think I was being mean, I was just too scared to talk to you. I love you a lot so please meet me after school on the playground. If you don't show up I'll understand." Jeez, talk about a long love note but wait there's more writing on he back, it's...his name! My crush's name! Rrrriiinnnggg! O no it's time for class, and I have even got my books together yet! I quickly grab my books and rush to my first class, home ec. The teacher assigns seats then takes role and announces that today we will make chocolate chip cookies. She directs us to the kitchen which is at least 5 times the size of our classroom.  We are paired off in teams of 2. I am teamed with my crush. I suppose by now you're wondering what his name is. I will tell you, it's Will; anyway Will and I head to a cooking space and look at the recipe. The first thing I notice about the recipe is that it was hand written, I wonder why. I start to read the instructions but Will says "Let's get the ingredients first.  Umm, what are the ingredients?" I reply "the ingredients are 1 cup of flour, 2 tbls vanilla, 3 cups of sugar, and 1 chocolate chip.  Hmm, does any of this sound right to you?" "No, but I don't think we would have this recipe if it was wrong. " "You have a point. Come on, let's get to work." We finish the cookies and somehow the 1 chocolate chip multiplies during the baking so that each cookie has 12 chocolate chips.  I head out of class and onto my next one. I don't have any more classes with Will.  After school I walk to the playground, hoping he doesn't show up but of course he does.

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