January Meeting Recap

"Villain" by stoneflower

We were a small but enthusiastic group this first meeting of 2014! We did the following writing prompts, which you are welcome to try at home:

1. Think of your favorite villains from fiction, TV, or film. Now choose one and write your villain's list of New Year's Resolutions. Extra: Read your list to someone and see if they can guess which villain it belongs to.

2. Now try the same exercise, but with your favorite hero or protagonist.

Here are a few of ours:

1. Turn Hercules mortal and kill him.
2. If I cannot kill Hercules, find out his weakness.
3. Maim, pain and panic after my meeting.
4. Harness the Titans when the planets align.
5. Overthrow Zeus from his throne on Olympus.
6. Rule on Olympus.
7. Rule everything.
8. Convince the River Guardian to join me.
9. Free Meg from her contract... eventually.
10. Get out of the river in the underworld.
Who am I?

1. Buy Blackjack donuts.
2. Take Annabeth to Paris.
3. Eat pizza for dinner.
4. Avenge Bob.
5. Polish Riptide.
6. Buy Annabeth a new weapon of her choice.
7. Apologize to Nico. Again.
8. Save Camp Half-Blood from Romans.
9. Punch Octavian in the face.
10. Defeat Gaia.
Who am I?

(both lists by Licia)

We also did a photo writing prompt, which we'll post next week with some of our freewrites! Next meeting is Feb. 6 at Spokane Valley.

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