...from our 1.2.14 meeting:

With this writing prompt and just 10 minutes to write, TWINE members produced some amazing pieces of micro-fiction! If you couldn't make it to our meeting, try this one at home. Set a timer and go (then email us what you come up with and we'll post it here!)

The Glow, by Licia
While running from crazed supernatural fans, Drew accidentally in his panic created another portal to another world. Seriously, it was not his fault. After his secret of sorcery leaked to the entire city, people had been following him like he was a boy-band member. Drew would've preferred to be hung and burned. So anyways, a few psychotic fans fell through his accidental portal after chasing him from the Wendy's on 5th and Parker. Usually he hated world-jumping, but he'd never harm a mortal. Unless it was his little brother, but his brother was a werewolf (if you wish to remain sane, don't ask.) Drew climbed into the portal and disappeared into the white. Then the portal slammed shut. This is why world-jumping is not fun.
Half Past Midnight, by Aisha
     "Jakob, I don't think we should be doing this," Christa said, walking slowly behind him.
     "Don't be a baby. It'll be fine," Jakob answered.
     Christa said nothing so they continued to walk through the snow-covered forest. It wasn't just that Christa thought it was a bad idea to be in a forest at half past midnight, but it was also cold.
     Jakob didn't seem to mind. With his fur-lined coat he walked briskly through the trail. Christa was much less covered with a dress that went only to her knees and a barely-there coat. She hadn't known they'd be hiking through the forest when she had gotten dressed earlier that night.
     Jakob had sprung it on her after they'd finished seeing Catching Fire in the cinema. It was their first date and Christa had wanted to seem brave. But now while she walked through the bushy woods, she was sure this would be their first and last date. They had only come out here because everyone at school was talking about an orb of light that seemed to remain in mid-air. Rumors had spread across the school like wildfire...



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