Together, Forever?

"Togethr" by Luke Hayfield Photography on Flickr

This month's TWINE is all about love - from musing on the best-ever love scenes in books and film, to sending out some love to those who need it most. So let's get started!

1: You've no doubt seen J.K. Rowling in the news recently, talking about how maybe putting Ron and Hermione together in the last few Harry Potter books wasn't her best idea. What do you think? Let's consider other favorite couples in literature and movies. What makes them "work" (in terms of being believable). Which pairings don't work? Discuss by leaving a comment here!
2: Our next assignment is to think about love, especially all the different kinds of love that aren't necessarily romantic. Sometimes just showing appreciation for someone or giving a compliment on a rough day are ways to show love. Sometimes just sharing your story is a way to be loving. Think of someone you know or have seen that could use a really nice love letter. Now write them one! You can post it here, or if you're feeling extra daring, you could give it to them or leave it where you know they'll find it.
These are the prompts we'll be doing in our in-person meeting at Spokane Valley Library on Thursday, Feb. 6, and online anytime. If you're participating from home, set a timer for seven minutes, and write about couples in books and movies (and discuss why they work -- or don't!) or write a love letter to a stranger, or try both! Email us the results (twine(dot) and we'll post them here on the blog.


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