"The dragon in my pocket" by Haley Ryan

I found the strangest thing in my pocket last night.  It looked like an oddly shaped stone, but when I pulled it out, it changed colors.  It churned red and then it lifted its head and roared at me.  I stared at it for several seconds before realizing it was a dragon.  It had spikes starting at the top of its head and ending at the tip of its tail.  It was beautiful despite its tiny size.  It was so small it could not even wrap around my thumb.  I started to laugh but then it started growing.  I instantly dropped it and it quickly grew to my height and continued to grow until it was thirty feet tall.  All of this took about five seconds.  It looked down at me and I felt its conscience touch mine.
It said, "Hello, little one.  I have waited a long time to meet you."
I said something really intelligent, like, "Oh."
"You see," the dragon responded, "you are my rider. That is why I appeared in your pocket."
"Um.  Yeah.  Okay," I said.  "My name is Haley.  And yours?"
The dragon's eyes twinkled with amusement.  "My name is Thalia," she replied.
"Well, I thought this next year would be boring.  But now I'm the rider of a dragon."
Thalia replied, "So perhaps it will be a happy New Year, after all."

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