"Love in a Genius Town" by Haley Ryan

"Why is this whole room red?" I ask the robot named Bob.  I only call him Bob though because his technical name sounds something like "Beepbeepbloopblod."  So he is Bob.
"I don't know miss," he replied.  "Perhaps I should call a painter robot."
"No, I'll just try out my new program," I say.  "Room: green."
Everything in the room, myself included, turns a gross barf color.
"Maybe I have to be more specific," I say.  "Okay, um, walls neon green," and the walls go back to red.  Now I'm mad, this room was supposed to be like a smart phone, only for a whole room.  "Great.  Now I'm bright red.  Bob, try to fix the room, please.  I'm going to go see Will.  Maybe he can help."
"Will do, Miss."
I head out the door and go to see Will in his lab.  He probably can't fix my room, but I go anyway.
"Oh, hey, Alice."
I jump.  "Oh, it's you, Will.  Sorry, I was off in my own little world."
"Oh, no problem."  He looks at me and I start to get butterflies like I always do when I look into his eyes.
"Can I ask you a question?" Will asks.
"Sure," I reply.
"Alice, will you go out with me?" he asks.
And that's how I found love in a town of genius teenagers.

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