"Seeing Red" by Ben Read

I'm seeing red.  The world is a spinning mass around me.  I don't know why, but what sticks out above all the red is the blood.  My hair is wet with it.  My brother's eyes.  All their eyes.  I wish I could say this was done by some monster, but that would be a lie.  Humans are despicable beings.  The muddled mess that is my thoughts finally clears and I shake my brother.  He doesn't move.  I look around.  I'm in my bedroom, surrounded by the dead bodies of my family.  You think that's grim?  Well, life's grim.  I remember the day I painted this room red with my family.  I run to the walls and try to claw the paint off to no avail.  But in all that red, the one thing that keeps me rooted is the blue stone in the necklace my brother gave me.  And suddenly I realize it is being pressed against my hand.  I turn to look into my brother's eyes. awake as ever, alive as ever, now blue again.

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