"The Arrival of the Goddess Aphrodite and Her Pets" by Marie O'Grady

Sculpture: "The Bartlett Head," artist unkown, circa 330-300 B.C.

Things have gone topsy turvy since they arrived.  "They" happening to be the beautiful Goddess Aphrodite and her faithful subjects.  I was walking around downtown Seattle when, out of nowhere, the sky parted and a staircase appeared.  I was dumbfounded.  What the?  How?  I looked around me and I was the only one seeing it!  When I looked at the stairs again, there were huge muscular men carrying a very beautiful blonde goddess-like woman.  Within seconds they put her down and I still couldn't speak.
"Oh dear, we've frightened the young girl," she said.
"Goddess, shall we introduce you?" one of the hunks asked.
"No, Fernando, I'll do it."

[second page missing...to be continued]

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