"How I found out my journal's a time machine" by Haley Ryan

My favorite attempt at time-travel was my first.  I was sitting in bed writing in my journal about how cool it would be to time-travel to a time when we can live on other planets.  All of a sudden I was in the 41st Century, sitting in an apartment.  I thought, "OK, so I must still be on earth, just somewhere else in time."  I couldn't have been more wrong.  I looked out my window and I saw fish swimming by -- at least, I thought they were fish, but they didn't look like any I had ever seen.  So I decided to explore.  I walked around until I found somebody and I asked them where I was and what year it was, just to be sure.  Their reply: "Planet 51, year 4011, of course."  Oh yeah, like that was totally obvious.  I then realized I was still holding my journal.  That gave me an amazing, wonderful, crazy idea.  My journal was a time-travel device.  Well, there was only to make sure.  I wrote the year 2011 in my journal and suddenly I was back in my room, sitting on my bed.  Oh, yeah!  Now I can do whatever I want.  Time better watch out, because here I come.

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