"The Boy" by Alicia Judd

Artist: Claude Monet

As I walked into town, I heard the loud exclamation of the baker, the only one who you could hear half-a-mile away.  He was saying, "Why don't we all give a warm welcome to this young feller here," while holding up in his massive hands an embarrassed-looking boy.  The moment the baker put him down, the boy grabbed his suitcase and stammered, "Um, I think I should go."  As he ran off, a piece of paper fell from his pocket.  Picking it up, I saw there was a weird little drawing of a 10-headed dragon on the backside.  Running after him, I asked if it was his, but he just blushed and said, "Don't interrupt me, I'm in the middle of an important journey."  And with that, he sprinted to the train station.

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