"That's it for today!" by Dane Kittock

The 1924 Everest Expedition Team
I jumped through the window in my brother's bedroom once again, off to a new adventure, who knows when, who knows where.  I had discovered this time/space travel device when I accidentally fell through his window in a NERF war.  Now, generally, you don't want to do this because the window is on the third floor.  We don't usually open it either, but we were hot from running around the house.  That time, I'd ended up in the day before.  Not so exciting.
The sensation of going through space and time is rather odd.  I guess you could describe it as having all the molecules in your body taken apart, rearranged, and then put back together again.  The light is so bright you have to close your eyes.
When I opened them, they stung as the freezing wind hit my face.  It seemed it wanted to rip my flesh right off of me.  Every part of my body was cold now, and I was having trouble breathing.
When my eyes stopped watering, I found that I was above everything, everywhere.  It must have been in the future, because there were flying saucers floating below me.
I was on Everest.
I suddenly felt woozy as my fear of heights kicked in, and I jumped back through the portal, which stays open until someone goes back through.
I awoke to find myself in my brother's bedroom.
That's enough for one day! I thought to myself.

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